Nuestro restaurante Tempo by martin berasategui les ofrece una selección de los productos de la tierra, el mar y el campo, todos ellos cocinados con respeto y elegancia hacia el origen y tradición de nuestra cocina.

Tempo by Martin Berasategui offers you a selection of sea and country products, all of them cook with respect and elegance towards the origin & tradition of our kitchen.

À la carte menu


Iberian Ham Special Selection Accompanied From Black Olive Cake And Fresh Tomato Dressed $837

Caviar "Río frió" (30grs), Shallot pickled In White Vinegar And Sour Cream Flavored With Citric $2,445

Selected Cheese Table, Served With Different Homemade Compotes, Crunchy Fig Bread And Fruits $385


Red Tuna Tartar Dressed With Kimchi Sauce, Citrus Ponzu Pearls, Ginger Slushee And Raspberry $327

Tomato Stuffed With "Peel Chipiron" Watered With A Light Thai Soup And Triffed Aromas Organic Lettuce Cream And Iodized Juice $295

Foie Gras Grilled And Rested Over Algae Salad, Fermented Soy Broth, Raifort Curd And Nut Salt $445


Mushroom ravioli Accompanied By Your UnTasty Cream And Crunchy Rice $325


Red Grilled Tuna, Coconut, Red Curry, Liquid Molluscs And Crunchy $595

Grilled Lobster In Citrus Butter, Garnished From A Risotto Of Mushrooms And Soy Brothers, Spherical Smoked And Carrot And Orange Pill $875

reposado Pargo Over Charcoal Eggplant Mashed, Cocoa And A Light Rice Emulsion $555


Pichón A Las brasas Acompaño De Pepino en Vinagre Blanco Y Curry, Esferas De tuberérculos trufados Y Salsa De Foie Y trufa $1,695

Carbon Lamb Loin resting on a Creamy Chicory and Olivet Snacks $687

Premium Beef Soak resting on a Chlorophyll Of Fungi, Ham And Air Iberian, Potato Terrine And Smoked Bacon, Liquid Chocolate Camembert Cheese $797

Tradition in all its Concepts

Travel through time, through the emblematic dishes of Martín Berasategui’s cuisine where flavors and tradition come together to delight your palate.

Mileage caramelized Marinated Salmon, Foie Gras, Onion And Apple Green $337

Rabbit "À La Royale" On Beef Compote, Clothed Tie And Cocoa Bitter $579

Pie Fine Puff Pie With Apple And Vanilla Cream $239

Chocolates selected, fresh butter, cream... creaminess, acidity and much more... compassion sugar!


Cream Mandarin Ice Cream With Maria Luisa, Orange Gel And Lemon Pearls $215

Melon In Caipiriña Served With Yogurt Soup And Pink Pepper $245

Chocolate On Oven With Pear Frost, Cream Cinnamon Stick Ice Cream And Caramel $237, Fermented Black Garlic, Raspberries & Mushroomed Sugar $229

Vegetarian Menu


Vegetable marrow salad with sprouts and flowers, Organic Lettuce Cream and Grilled Garlic Vinaigrette

White Coconut Garlic Accompanied by a truffle Honey Ice Cream, Fresh Grapes And Nut Salt

Smoked Corn Cream, Tathed Vegetables resting on Bread Crumbs To Fine Herbs And Roasted Onion Air

Mushroom ravioli Accompanied by your unctuous Cream And Crunchy Rice

Selected Cheese Table, Served With Different Homemade Compotes, Crunchy Figer Bread And Fruits

Mandarin Ice Cream With Luisa Herb, Orange Gel And Lemon Pearls

Cocoa, Fermented Garlic, Raspberry And Gum Sugar

Petits Fours

$1,560 MXN


Boulevard Kukulcan Km. 16.5,

77500 Cancún


+52 (998) 881.17.90



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